Development and implementation of the E-government

E-government is the method of information provision and providing state services to citizens, business and individuals on the base of ICT.  Interaction between the state and users is minimized because of use information technologies.

UZINFOCOM Center supports the following projects in the field of  E-government:


The governmental portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan is created for improving of access conditions for citizens, business and state bodies to get information on activities of the Government and government bodies, as well as to support effective interaction between government institutions and population.

The governmental portal provides to users the integrated access to the state information resources and interactive state services on the base of principle "single window".

There are more than 100 sections and under sections in the Portal which relating to “Government to Citizen” (G2C), "Government to Business" (G2B) and "Government to Foreigners" (G2F) modules/.

For the mobile Internet users the mobile version of the governmental portal ( was developed in 2010. This resource has the most important and useful information for citizens.  And also for the purpose of operational informing of the population on important events and news the mobile application on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile platforms was developed. Besides it, for change tracking on the Portal there is a RSS

The Governmental portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a backbone element of infrastructure electronic information exchange organizations, as well as between juridical and physical persons.


The purpose of interdepartmental automated information system NIS.UZ creation is data collection for to make possibility on implementation and development ICT in state agencies and carry out data analysis, realization the Government measures for elimination of existing problems in ICT development.

The main objectives of the information systems are:

  • Collection and data on implementation and development of ICT in state agencies;
  • Analysis of ICT development in state agencies and its provision in different forms of account;
  • Provide   state agencies’ materials for posting on the portal GOV.UZ and its storage in system.
  • The data which state agencies enter into the information systems can be used by the Cabinet of Ministers and Office of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Certainly, many state organizations already have information systems, but they aren't integrated into NIS.UZ. In case of need such integration, state agencies apply to UZINFOCOM, and we implement these tasks.

There is such concept — the preliminary research operations (PRO).

UZINFOCOM Center studies business processes to know how organization works, as well as result of operation, in what look everything occurs. If you already have electronic document management system (EDMS), employee research how it is used, what problems are in its functioning? Then give suggestions on optimization of EDM use and business processes. Sometimes it’s not simply optimization, but also reengineering — improving of operation technology.

Integration of the information systems of the separate organization with NIS.UZ is carried out according to the approved State standard which describes all requirements to parameters and data formats and protocols to information system that there was possibility to transfer this data to NIS.UZ.

UZINFOCOM has developed and implemented the following information systems:

  • Portal of the State Committee for Communication, Information and Telecommunication Technologies;
  • Electronic document management system for the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics;
  • Electronic document management system for Centre of Electromagnetic Compatibility (CEMC);
  • "Makhallya" information system which works at level of the regional and district organizations of makhallyas, etc..


The main purpose of the Portal of Housing and Communal Services is creation the general communication infrastructure in the sphere of housing and communal services which simplifies information exchange between population, supervisory authorities, associations, and communal services that will lead to objective control over objective use of means of the population and will entail improvement the quality of provided services of communal character.

Development and introduction of the portal of housing and communal services EK.UZ will allow creating conditions to members of appropriate associations and taxpayers for obtaining information on debt and history of payments. And also transparency the activity of associations and communal services will be reached.


The purpose of this information resource – provision of broad access to information on the state services, as well as provision of state services in the principle "single window" for users, first of all, for subjects of business.

The Single Interactive State Services Portal provides services via Internet, i.e. the user has possibility to use the selected interactive services from any point of the republic and at any time.

Today, using this Portal user can submit appeal, suggestion or other address online on Internet. Besides, it is possible to receive interactive state services of one-sided and double-side form, as well as transactional services rendered by government bodies.

Now the Single Portal provides the followings:

  • Access to data on government bodies and services;
  • Possibility of filling electronically request and other documents necessary for receiving state service;
  • Possibility of submit appeal about provision of the state service;
  • Possibility of receiving by the applicant of the data on process of execution the appeal about provision state services;
  • Possibility of receiving results state services;
  • Possibility of business subjects registration.

More than 300 government bodies and organizations are connected today to the Single portal, through the Portal more than 150 state services are provided.

UZINFOCOM holds consultations for responsible government bodies employees on broad aspect of the questions related to development and implementation of ICT in public administration, as well as and in the following directions of Portal’s functioning:

  • Interaction of government bodies with the Single portal, development and integration of interactive state services, as well as their integration into the Single portal;
  • filling of the Single portal’s content on provided services of government bodies, as well as publicly available and contact information of government bodies.;
  • Interaction of government bodies with the Governmental portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Internet (, information provision for posting on the Governmental portal;
  • Authorization in the Single Identification System ID.UZ and system account using in projects of UZINFOCOM.

ID.UZ for users is:

  • you don't need to be registered on each website separately and remember different logins/passwords (or other data for authentication);
  • when change of any personal or contact information, it will be automatically synchronized in all third-party systems;
  • appropriate level of safety and reliability: various options of access restoration, several levels of authentication, centralized safe storage of personal information, logging
  • and possibility of viewing the history actions;
  • access to systems of the E-gov, including the Single Interactive State Services Portal.

ID.UZ system allows log in not only on Center websites, but also any other websites supporting the OpenID technology. Among them:

  • and more than 100 websites!


Single Identification System is the interactive service executing functions of social network of the identification center. The System is tightly integrated with a row of projects and it is used as a key to services.

Now the System provides the following functional features:

  • Maintenance and reading micro blogs on;
  • Uploading and viewing videos on;
  • Sending online appeal for services;
  • Receiving Identification ID card opening access to additional services.

Besides, the System opens access to the following projects:

  • – Single Interactive State Services Portal;
  • – Educational Portal;
  • – Personal and collective blogs;
  • – Video portal;
  • – Personal widgets;
  • – SMS services;
  • – .UZ domain zone adminisrtation;
  • –  Data-center of UZINFOCOM;
  • Web-sites satellites of ZiyoNET;
  • – the Portal of Housing and Communal Services;
  • – National legislation database of Uzbekistan, etc.

Having registered once on ID.UZ you do not need to register on other sites supporting OpenID technology, it is enough to use ID.UZ login. This possibility has many advantages: it isn't necessary to remember many passwords and each time re-enter information about you on many websites.


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