ICT implementation in educational process

This activity of UZINFOCOM is under Resource Center of ZiyoNET network’s authority.

ZiyoNET network renders assistance to implementation in education system a wide complex of information and communication services and represents resource basis integrating in resources and services of educational and youth directivity.

ZiyoNET network realizes technical support of the single information and resource web-site www.ziyonet.uz including services and tools, necessary for obtaining interesting information, communication and exchange of experience, as well as implementation of the modern information technologies in educational process.

Within ZiyoNET network it is already created a number of educational projects including mass of useful information for pupils, students and teachers.

Besides, UZINFOCOM provides hosting in UZINFOCOM Data-center for resources and projects of educational and social character on gratuitous basis. Users can create own web-site on the basis of ZiyoNET portal.

ZiyoNET Educational network

Now, ZiyoNET portal represents the place, uniting information resources in different directions, as education, science, culture, economy, etc. The portal includes such sections, as "Library", "Education", "Entrant", "Online Games", "Foreign languages", "Figures", etc.

Within an educational portal the biggest electronic database in the republic is created, where users can find different tutorials, artistic and creative works and other educational materials. Among resources - different disciplines, abstracts, methodical manuals, reports, etc.

ZiyoNET portal offers all necessary conditions for implementation opportunities for registered users, in particular: free web-sites creation, posting and receiving interesting and actual information, participating in competitions and actions, as well as communication on interesting subjects.

Website-satellites on ZiyoNET portal

ZiyoNET portal provides free creation of website-satellite on Internet. Website-satellite on ZiyoNET portal is a small thematic website which is created by users on the basis of the Wordpress platform on the domain of the third level. This website-satellite doesn't require any special knowledge and skills, and also allows to create an own resource for a short time.

Now many website-satellites in different directions, as education, culture, society, sports, pedagogics and other social directions, were created on this platform.

What is necessary for website-satellite creation?

  • Register in the Single Identification System ID. UZ.
  • Log-in on www.ziyonet.uz;
  • Click "Create a web-site", fill in required fields.

Data on the website-satellite you created will be sent to the moderator for further confirmation.


uTube.uz is an open educational video portal. The large number of lectures, lessons, interview and seminars in the various directions and many other video is collected on this portal. We make available new forms of education: remote, asynchronous and continuous. All materials are available for watching online. Alternatively, there are direct links to download video from web-site. Any user registered in ID.UZ system can upload his video on the portal.


On the website of the personal and collective blogs Fikr.uz users can publish own articles and discuss them with other users. Articles can be on subjects of education, science, culture and information technologies. The purpose of Fikr.uz is the creation of a resource with the qualitative content, which main advantage is the ability to communicate with persons known in the sphere of IT, education, culture, science and other fields. Also a number of representatives of the state and public organizations competent in appropriate questions is involved to work with Fikr.uz.


Tanlov.uz is website of reference information on held competitions, grants, actions and other events for support of youth, young specialists and interested persons and organizations. The website contains detailed information on organizers of the presented actions, contact information, participation conditions, terms, etc.

Users can find competitions, actions and grants in the different directions, such as medicine, education, science, governmental and international projects, grants on implementation of the project, etc. in the lists of the events held in the Republic of Uzbekistan and presented on website.

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