UZINFOCOM Computerization and IT Developing Center, created in 2002, is a structural division of the State Committee for Communications, Informatization and Telecommunication Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Center objectives are to assist the development and implementation of strategic priorities of the national program of computerization and application of ICT in all sectors of economy, administration and social sphere, as well as meeting Uzbekistan’s information needs and its joining the world information society. More...



UZINFOCOM actively participates in development of applied and adapted software, databases, websites and other products and solutions for the government, private business, healthcare and academic sectors. More...



  • ZiyoNET
    National information and educational network
  • ccTLD UZ
    Administration of top-level domain
    Computer emergency response team



  • WWW.UZ
    National information and search system
  • GOV.UZ
    State government portal of Uzbekistan